Seven Things That Have Me Hyped About Dragon Quest XI

Dragon Quest X1: 7 Things That Have Me Hyped

Dragon Quest 11 is coming next month and all indications suggest that it’s going to melt face. By that of course I mean it will be a delightful romp through an enormous world filled with charm and wonder, like all great Dragon Quest games. Here are seven things I’m pretty hyped about.

Slime Time

I’m super excited to face off against the blue slime for the first/eleventh time. I mean it. That moment when you set out from your village, crappy sword in hand, to kick your first gelatinous monster ass is a sacred rite that stretches through time. It’s a glorious snapshot that captures all the magic of Dragon Quest in a single encounter. It’s a little silly while still holding promise and the distant shadow of epic futures.

Place Your Bets

I noticed on the ESRB that there’s simulated gambling. As there’s been versions of this sort of thing in almost every Dragon Quest title, I’m pretty psyched to see what the newest version of fantasy gambling will be like. Will there be bombin’ music? Unskippable scenes every time you roll the dice or hit the slots? A currency that serves almost no purpose? The possibilities are endless.

English Voice Acting

Seriously! Dragon Quest has some of the best, most charming vocalization I’ve ever heard. Not only the audio, but the written dialogue is just dripping with charm. If someone is meant to read or sound upscale or cockney or exotic they will. Too many games just hit you with an English track that appeals to many and satisfies none. Give that audio a little flavor! Like Dragon Quest does!

Dragon Quest XI

All Hail The Grid

The character builder system looks like a huge grid that I can fill out with enough play time and level grinding. I salivate at the sight of a grid like this. Sphere grid? Hell yes. Licence board? Sign me up. This grid here? Oh yeah. I’m ready for this grid. Sure it’s going to be slow going. But the satisfaction that comes with success will be both significant and sweet.