Stunning New Footage Suggests Resident Evil 4 is a GOTY Contender

Could Resident Evil 4 Be The GOTY?

Resident Evil 4 is one of the most anticipated games of 2023. As Capcom were able to improve on classics in the series with prior remakes, many wonder how they could refine what is considered to be the epitome of the franchise. With the release day lurching closer, I was able to get a sneak peek at some unreleased footage and can confidently say that this could be an early GOTY contender.

A foreboding atmosphere is present in the footage. Due to the impressive low-key lighting, stark shadows spread throughout. This creates a delicious sense of anxiety as you wonder if each dark spot houses horrific creatures. There seems to be a nice variety of tight, enclosed areas and larger spaces, which allows for more variety with combat. 

Improving a Masterpiece

Capcom refines the gameplay to make Leon a more nimble character. Not only can you move while shooting but your movement is much more fluid in general. You can leap over waĺls and hide behind cover in order to survive the deadly horde. The small improvements look to make a real difference in the moment-to-moment gameplay. This is fortunate as the enemies appear to have also had an overhaul. They look more aggressive and more intelligent which elevates their threat.

As with the original, the combination of melee and ranged attacks is important. You must shoot characters and then get close and strike them to deal large damage. The manner in which the remake implements this is fantastic. Each attack carries weight and due to this, creates a satisfying visceral aspect to the combat. 

Brilliant Battles

Some of the boss battles shown place parries and dodging at the forefront. Due to this, you must get up close to characters and time counters in order to deal damage. This looks to add a real cinematic quality to the tense encounters. While only a couple of sequences were shown, it’s certainly a promising snippet of how Capcom aims to improve iconic moments from the legendary title.

The Resident Evil 4 Remake looks incredible. The new footage further indicates the love and passion that has gone into the development of the game. Improvements focus on modernizing the mechanics and the visuals without losing what makes the original so special. Although this was a hands-off view of a few sequences, the gameplay shown was extremely impressive. While the remake is not as drastic as the previous ones, it looks to improve a number of aspects of the original which could this the definitive version.

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