Here Are The Most Fantastic Holiday Gift Ideas for Fortnite Players


Pop Figures

Fortnite Tomato Head Pop

Pop Figures are the modern collectible phenomenon, and chances are the pop-culture aficionado in your family/friendily (if I use it enough, they’ll have to put it in the dictionary) already has a few. So far there’s 14 different Fortnite outfits available in Pop-form, so see if you can find out which one of those your giftee likes the most and snag them one! My personal favorite is the Tomato Head one above because it comes with the Chug Jug! Be sure to get them from a store and be wary of re-sellers marking them up!

MacFarlane Toys Figures

Fortnite Rainbow Toy

MacFarlane toys are known for their detail and quality, and they recently launched a line of fully posable Fortnite toys for those who prefer a bit more versatility out of their action figures. One particularly interesting product from the MacFarlane line is the Rainbow Smash Pickaxe complete with wheels on the bottom for those Fortnite fans looking to scoot around in style.

Moose Toys Fortnite Figurines

Fortnite Battle Royale Collection figures-min

Moose Toys is releasing an adorable lineup of pint-sized Fortnite figurines and though they don’t launch until December 17th, they’re available for pre-order over on Amazon now. The two-inch figures are poseable and sport quite a bit of detail for something so small and Moose says the product lineup is expected to increase to over 100 Fortnite characters over the course of 2019. Get a head start!

Learn To Draw Fortnite Skins

Fortnite Let's Draw

Not exactly a toy because art is hard, but this book is sure to come in handy for the inspired Fortnite fan in your life. Considering Fortnite’s broad fanbase, it’s sure to have influenced at least a few people to get into game development, and a key aspect of that is art and knowing how to draw – let this book be a little bit of encouragement to a loved one, and throw in some art supplies to complete the package!