Final Fantasy VII Remake – Top 5 Ways to Keep Old Fans Happy and Also Win New Fans

4 – Expand The World

The world of Gaia isn’t by any means small, it’s just sparsely populated and pretty lacklustre. There’s a few towns sprinkled in there, but otherwise it’s just empty fields and mountains. I remember when I was younger and first started zipping around in Cid’s airship, I was in awe of the gigantic sprawling world but looking back now it’s just kind of…’meh’.

Adding in a few new towns, points of interest or even new landscapes to explore would really give us the sense of being in a thriving world. I’d like the developers expand on places like Midgar which was one of my favourite areas to explore. Throw in some new zones, missions and populate it with more people and it could show great promise.

FF7 #4

5 – Diving Deeper Into Character Stories

Don’t get me wrong, Final Fantasy VII did a great job of fleshing out an expansive tale over three discs, but it would be great to cover more on some of our favourite characters. I’d like to see more of the enigmatic Vincent Valentine added in, or some history behind the relationship between Biggs, Wedge and Jessie.

In the game Crisis Core, we learned more about the history of Aeris and Cloud through the eyes of Zack. This would be a great chapter to include or even mention for those who are fans of the lore. If you are going to remake a classic, then it has to blow expectations out of the water, bringing together elements from the other parts of the universe will satisfy everyone.

FF7 #5

No matter what direction Square Enix decides to take the franchise, I think this game has the potential to reach an entirely new generation. This story has enough meat to be retold for ages and giving it a little make-over certainly won’t hurt if done appropriately.