Everything You Need to Know About Bioware’s Anthem

Everything You Need to Know About Anthem

I don’t know about you, but I love a game with unique locomotion. Whether I can parkour up a wall in Ancient Greece or soar through the sky on a wingsuit in Solis, being free to move in a game has always been a big plus for me. When the announcement trailer for Anthem hit, my jaw dropped as not only was this a gorgeous open world, but we were promised the ability to fly around Iron-Man style (I promise I will try to keep that comparison to a minimum) and engage in an epic quest to save the world.

We are one month out from its release and gamers seem to be decidedly on both sides of the fence: some think this is going to be huge, and others think it will be another blunder with big promises. It looks fantastic, sure, but what is Anthem going to offer that makes it stand out above everything else? I myself have been eagerly awaiting its release, and so I wanted to share with you everything you need to know about Anthem to make a clear decision when it launches on February 22nd.

The Basics – What is Anthem?

Anthem is a third person open world shooter RPG with heavy influences of the Mass Effect series, also created by BioWare. Humanity is safe within Fort Tarsis, a colony with massive walls to protect from the dangers of the outside world. The planet was built by a god-like race called the Shapers who used the Anthem of Creation to make worlds. Having abandoned this planet, the Shapers left behind the tools of creation on this unfinished world and the resulting effects of an incomplete planet lead to devastating and unpredictable cataclysms. As a Freelancer – one who pilots the Javelins – you are both a defender and explorer, mapping out the world and keeping the people safe. The Dominion – a militarized faction who oppose the Freelancers and Fort Tarsis – wish to take control of the Anthem to their own end and it is up to you to stop them.


Choose Your Weapon – Introducing the Javelins

There are four classes of javelin in Anthem, each purpose-built yet flexible in design to match your playstyle. Anthem is a game of cooperation, so whether you have a full team of four or it’s just you and a friend, these powerful suits will play off of each other’s strengths for maximum effect. You’ll be able to equip several loadouts per javelin, as well as swap between each kind before a mission.


Javelin – The Ranger

The Ranger is the javelin each player begins with. It has a great defense and will not take fall damage, so overheating your thrusters and plummeting to the ground will save you from certain death. The Ranger is versatile as its abilities range from massive damage to a single target or substantial damage across multiple targets. It has the most flexibility in its loadout options and will be the go-to option for new players. It is the only javelin to have an assortment of throwable grenades at its disposal.


Javelin – The Colossus

The literal tank of the team. The Colossus is the largest of the suits, sacrificing movement speed for huge defense and high-power offense. It comes equipped with a deployable shield for ramming enemies as well as being the only javelin capable of equipping the heavy weapons for maximum destruction. The Colossus is all about brute force and excels at medium to long range with a flak cannon, mortars, and railgun to name just a few high power options. Due to its massive size and armor, the Colossus also will not take fall damage and in fact damages anyone it lands on.


Javelin – The Interceptor

For those who love to move fast and get up close and personal, the Interceptor is the fastest and most nimble of the Javelins. Sacrificing durability for speed, the Javelin is built to get in and out of combat. The majority of its special abilities revolve around its melee weapons – the glaives – and is the only suit that offers a limitless combo of melee strikes. The Interceptor is a high risk/high reward character as you’ll need to get in close to deal big damage. It is fantastic at dodging and dashing to avoid damage but it is a suit that will require practice to master. Due to its smaller frame this one WILL take fall damage should the boosters overheat.


Javelin – The Storm

It’s a warlock who uses science! The Storm is an elemental specialist who desperately needs to stay at a range. Using the various seals attached to the Storm’s armor, the majority of your offensive capabilities come from summoning ice, lighting, and fire attacks in the form of direct hits or AoE. The best place for the Storm is hovering in the sky above the battle to rain down destruction, and for this reason it is able to spend the most amount of time in flight. A glass cannon, the Storm does huge damage but is very susceptible to attack, and so is best kept out of the fray. Due to the sensitive tech in the armor to control the elements, the Storm will also take damage from falling so keep an eye on those boosters.


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