EA Play 2018 Press Conference Underwhelms, Was Cringy But Featured a Couple of Gems

Sea of Solitude 

Grade: B

EA Chief Design Officer takes the stage to talk EA Originals, and then the next game of the initiative appears: Sea of Solitude from Jo Mai Games, a small studio in Berlin. The game’s creative director Cornelia Geppert paints a dark and sordid picture about this game, how people in this world who are too lonely and sad will become actual monsters.

We follow one such character in her journey to right herself and reverse the monstrous transformation. Ultra-emotional indie games like this are right up my alley, so I probably enjoyed this reveal more than most. EA Originals has proven to be a fantastic way to build an indie studio, and I don’t see that changing any time soon.

NBA Live 19

Grade: D

NBA Live 19 gets a trailer teasing some sort of Streetball mode, but it’s a “blink and you’ll miss it “ sort of affair. The scene transitions to Pittsburgh Steelers wide receiver JuJu Smith-Schuster and Madden NFL 18 League Champion Young Kiv talking about Kiv’s win and then mentioning the new game in passing. This was super weird and I wasn’t feeling any chemistry from the folks on stage. Maybe next time just show a Madden trailer like you did NBA Live and be done with it.

Command and Conquer Rivals

Grade: C+

Two new men appear sitting behind a small desk, introducing us to two mobile players who are about to go head to head in a brand new mobile game. The objective is to launch nukes at your opponent’s base, but the name of the game is conspicuously absent…until the very end when it’s called Command and Conquer Rivals. A new Command and Conquer sounds great, until you consider it’s a mobile game with little or no ties to the previous generation. It’s really cool to see a Command and Conquer game in the year 2018, but the mobile nature of the game


Grade: A

Andrew Wilson hits the stage again and makes a truly heartfelt speech, one that certainly sounds like the company understands the mistakes made in Battlefront II and are now trying to fix them.

Finally, it’s the meat and potatoes of the entire show: Anthem. Honestly, the information about Anthem is so dense and interesting that you should just want the clip above and soak it all in.  There’s info on classes, customization, the in-game world, and more. Wrapping your head around it requires multiple views of the conference. The Anthem reveal was the best part of the whole day and you should watch every part of it.

The reveals are cool, but nothing jumps off the page at me. I expected Anthem, I expected Battlefield V, the sports games always appear in some format, etc. I need more from my EA briefings, not this safe run of the mill announcements I’ve done iso so far.

That’s all for EA, tune in tomorrow and see what Microsoft and Bethesda’s currently bringing to the E3 2018 feast.