COG’s Christmas 2014 PS4 Buyer’s Guide


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It’s been a great year for the PlayStation brand. Sales were great, the future looks bright (Bloodborne, The Order: 1886), and the recent PlayStation Experience was a huge success. If you’re shopping for a dedicated PS4 gamer there are a lot of great games to choose from although a good number of them reside in the multi-platform heading. In terms of purely exclusive titles both Nintendo and Microsoft outnumbered Sony when it comes to the big name offerings. Still, there’s a few really great games, some a bit older (therefore cheaper!), that are going to be great for under the tree this year.

LittleBigPlanet 3

Sackboy is back with and this time he’s brought along some friends. Toggle, Swoop, and Oddsock join the the LBP series which is hands down one of the most imaginative and original offerings on any console. Play with friends, or your kids as this is very much a child friendly series too, in some great co-op action or on your own. If you’re the extremely creative type jump into the level creation suite and design almost anything you can imagine as well. One of the best thing about LBP is the ability to play user created levels and with gamers all over the world contributing it almost goes without saying that you’ll have a neverending supply of unique challenges to conquer.

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InFamous: Second Son

Second Son is one of the older games on the list but in terms of PS4 must haves this is one of the best. Following the story of Delsin Rowe on his mission to take out the Department of Unified Protection it is an open world, super hero styled adventure that shouldn’t be missed. The story is enjoyable and the cast is top notch. Troy Baker is at the top of his game as Delsin and other characters you meet along the way are some of the most memorable I’ve ever encountered. Fast paced gameplay, pretty as hell to look at and most likely able to be found in a cheap bin somewhere for a 20-spot or less makes Infamous: Second Son a no-brainer if you or someone you love needs a new PS4 game.

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The Last of Us: Remastered

Masterpiece. That word carries an immense amount of weight and is truly reserved for the best of the best when describing something. Naughty Dog’s game, The Last of Us, was hailed as one of the best games ever made when it released on the PS3 console. When it received the remastered treatment to upgrade its graphics for the PS4 console it took what was already amazing and made it better. An absolutely riveting storyline coupled with characters you will come to truly care about this is one not to be missed. Featuring Troy Baker (AGAIN!) as Joel and Ashley Johnson as Ellie you’ll surely love the way these two play off of each other as you go on your journey to save humanity. This version also includes all the previously released DLC most notably the Left Behind content which is a great addition to the story.

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I’ve got to say that this is a tough recommendation to make but in terms of exclusive racing titles it’s the only one in the PS4 library to really make mention of. Just before Driveclub launched it was hailed to be Sony’s answer to the successful Forza series from Microsoft. Sadly the launch was marred by serious problems that ultimately hurt the game’s final score with critics (ours included) and it put Driveclub on many ‘bad game’ lists. That being said the team at Evolution has been hard at work trying to clean everything up and to that end they have been largely successful. The recent addition of dynamic weather has made the experience even better, in fact driving through some of the game’s blizzard conditions is downright bananas. If many of the naysayers were to revisit their reviews after all the updates I wouldn’t be surprised if a lot of their scores would rise. In all likelihood Driveclub could be found for cheap and there’s a great chance the car racing lover and PS4 owner on your list would love the game.

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PS Plus Subscription

PlayStation Plus is one of the biggest no-brainer purchases in gaming but a lot of PlayStation gamers have yet to buy into PS+. When you purchase the subscription it not only allows you to partake in multiplayer online gameplay it also gets you free games every single month. No matter what your PlayStation platform (PS Vita, PS3, PS4) you’ll get at least a couple of games every month offered to you for free. Coming up in January PS4 owners will get the inFamous: First Light standalone content which is a great addition to any PS4 owner’s library. Monthly discounts on games form the digital store equals even more savings so the purchase price of $50 for a year really does go a long way. If the gamer you know already has PS+ it won’t hurt to add on another year either because once you go plus you rarely ever go back!