5 Things I Love About The EPOS H6PRO x GSX 300

The EPOS H6PRO x GSX 300 Will Quickly Improve Your Setup

EPOS has bundled the H6PRO headset and GSX 300 external sound card so that you can enhance your audio experience. I checked out this, auditory extravaganza and this is what I loved about the colossal combination.


The H6PRO comes with a standard 3.5mm connection which means that this bad boy is compatible with pretty much any device. It is literally just plug-and-play. Whether it’s the PS5, Xbox Series X, Nintendo Switch or even a mobile device, the sound quality is great. It truly shines, however, when in conjunction with the impressive GSX 300 external sound card on a PC. Together they enhance the sound wonderfully so you can enjoy your media to the fullest.

Sound Quality

With a headset, the most important factor is the sound and this is where the H6PRO excels. Due to the noise-cancelling design, you can quickly immerse yourself into your media. Everything is crystal clear which means you can identify nuances in the audio which enhances the experience. The mids and treble stand out over the rumbling of the bass and never deteriorate when adjusting the volume. This creates a dynamic sound that leaps from the headset; this was particularly noticeable in video games and music, which makes this an incredible all-around headset.

The GSX 300 dramatically improves any audio setup. With its easy plug-and-play feature, you will instantly notice a leap in quality. Due to its simple interface with a large volume wheel and singular button for modes, you can quickly adapt aspects to suit your needs.


Some headsets are packed with buttons and sliders that are assigned to a number of functions. While the H6PRO is almost bare, its ease to use makes it refreshing. A large dial adorns one earcup so you can quickly adjust the volume and the opposite has a detachable boom mic. Packaged in the box are metal plates that you can use to cover the space left from the mic if you would prefer to simply use them without the attachment. In addition, you get two cables, one with a mic jack and the other without. This makes the product customizable so you can tailor the product.


This is a slick headset. Its stylish black design means you can easily use these as an everyday product. The seamless integration of functions is fantastic as subtle grooves on the cup indicate the volume dial. In addition, blue accents in the design improve the overall aesthetics to further cement its contemporary design. The build quality is also great. The hard plastic frame is durable and oozes quality.


As a glasses wearer, it can be a pain to find a headset that is comfortable. Some press against the arm and hinder your enjoyment. However, EPOS’ wonderful snug design ensures that anyone can wear the H6PRO. The soft, memory foam-covered ear cups rest perfectly and don’t become irritable during extensive gaming sessions. With its extendable frame, you can quickly alter the size to fit the majority of people.

The EPOS H6PRO x GSX 300 is a fantastic bundle, especially for those looking for a quick and easy sound solution. Everything is simple which means you’ll be able to enjoy high-quality audio instantly. While the combination is tailored for PCs, the headset is compatible with pretty much any device.

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