5 Series X Games I Need After Watching Inside Xbox

3. Bright Memory Infinite

One-man team Chinese developer Zeng Xiancheng (FYQD-Studio) kicked off the fresh announcements on from several developers on the Inside Xbox Series X games showcase with an impressive looking Bright Memory Infinite. Unlike most of the other announcements, this included a lot of gameplay that featured some beautiful next-gen visuals and a gloomy rain storm. The gameplay portrays the game as a fast-paced FPS with slight motion blur but the trailer features no real plot to speak of. The combat in Bright Memory Infinite looks fluid as the player easily swaps between shooting enemies with a gun to reeling them in with a grappling hook and slicing the foes with a sword. We’ll be shooting and slicing our way through whatever story this next-gen title has to offer.

2. Second Extinction

Second Extinction brings squad-based co-op FPS gameplay to a world full of dinosaurs that will track your every move. They will stalk you in the shadows and jump down on you from above to chase you through tunnels with a thirst for blood similar to zombies. Avalanche Studios Group has created a stunning world in Second Extinction, with beautiful weather effects and a deadly model for their raptors which there are plenty of. Gamers will be able to hunt solo our team up with two other players to reclaim Earth from the dinosaurs when a beta for the upcoming title goes live this summer for Xbox One and PC. Avalanche Studios Group is sure to have us hunting the precursor to present day birds this generation and the next.

1. Yakuza: Like A Dragon

The Yakuza series is a recent addition to the Xbox family, but you could’ve fooled Sega with how much they’re hyping Yakuza: Like A Dragon for the Xbox One, PC and Xbox Series X. Like A Dragon will be a launch title for the Series X but gamers can currently find Yakuza Zero and Yakuza Kiwami as part of the Xbox Game Pass subscription service, allowing new fans to check out the games that started it all. While those are just considered the first two titles canonically, Yakuza: Like A Dragon is the seventh installment in the franchise and it’s taking the series into turn-based RPG territory. Final Fantasy was turn-based and became action heavy, Yakuza is doing the opposite and we can’t wait to see how it works out.

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