5 Exciting Features in The Dauntless “Call of the Void” Update

5 Exciting Features in The Dauntless “Call of the Void” Update

The thrill of the hunt is a staple of many games, but few are able to cut right to the heart of the action like Phoenix Labs’ Dauntless. Free to play on PC, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and Nintendo Switch with complete cross-play across all platforms, Dauntless gives players the best user-friendly experience in the monster slaying genre and does it with bright colors, fantastic customization, and a community devoted to working together. Their latest update – Call of the Void – is more than merely adding a new season or bells and whistles as we see with most Free-To-Play entities. No, Call of the Void is poised to be the turning point for Dauntless to bring new dynamic features and gameplay mechanics that will begin the future evolution of the experience while still holding true to its fundamental and accessible gameplay. Here are 5 features to look forward to in Dauntless’ Call of the Void update.

5. UI Overhaul

Perhaps a staple of gameplay updates but a welcome one nonetheless, Dauntless is set to receive a streamlined overhaul of the UI and menu systems. Phoenix Labs listened to the fans for what they wanted and have made menus easier to navigate. The health of the behemoth you are engaged with is much easier to read, and navigation is refined to have you spend less time looking at the text and more time on the field of battle to save Ramsgate.

4. Training Grounds

With so many weapons at your disposal to take on behemoths, Dauntless used to give you the old “trial by fire” treatment and throw you into the thick of battle – even if you didn’t know what you were doing with that shiny new blade! Training Grounds is a new location with no enemies which will allow you and your team to test out every weapon type, make adjustments to your load-out, and prepare team tactics to most effectively protect the city in the sky. It’s also a great place to learn about staggering, wounds, damage output, and will walk you through your equipped features and abilities so you aren’t fumbling into battle only to get stepped on by a Drask.

Dauntless call of the void

3. Weaving a Brand New Tale

Dauntless has its own lore to be sure, but it hasn’t delved deeply into a unique narrative thus far. Call of the Void is where this all changes. Community and player actions will play a part in shaping the coming narrative, creating lasting repercussions in the game world. A powerful device has appeared in the Umbral plane, and this relic carries untold secrets with it. Will you be able to use it to protect Ramsgate? Or does a fate more sinister lurk in the shadows for those who dare use it?

2. Umbral Escalation

Escalations were introduced to Dauntless before, but this new edition of the escalation ups the ante and plays heavily into the games forthcoming narrative. Hunters will travel to the Umbral plane and work together to take on an increasingly difficult gauntlet of behemoths. While they may resemble behemoths you have faced before, they have been corrupted by the darkness and feature all new powers and tactics. You’ll earn experience based on your battles that allows you to unlock escalation-specific perks, encouraging you to keep battling it out against the Umbral forces, giving you an advantage for each successive run you make. Clearing a battle earns you a choice of three random perks to carry over between battles, culminating in an epic battle against the newest behemoth to the game: Thrax.

Dauntless call of the void

1. Thrax, the Umbral Behemoth

Thrax has a unique and truly awesome design. While at first glance he might seem a little smaller than some of the other behemoths you have faced, nothing really prepares you for that first battle with him. Thrax is unbelievably fast. His attacks and abilities are lightning quick and truly worthy of being the final boss of the escalation. Your team will need to work together and communicate every step of the way to overcome this more than formidable opponent. If you think you can defeat Thrax with ease, well, I wish you the best. Defeating Thrax will grant you schematics for legendary Thrax weapons which offer a host of new abilities and features we haven’t seen before.

Dauntless call of the void

This is only the first step on Phoenix Labs’ journey to further evolving Dauntless and expanding upon an already loved experience. Whether you are a seasoned hunter or just strapping on your boots for the first time, Dauntless has something for everything, and Call of the Void is just the beginning of something great. Happy Hunting! Dauntless: Call of the Void drops June 11 on every platform. For more information, check out the game’s official website.

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