3 Things I Loved (and 3 Things I Didn’t) About Diablo 2: Resurrected

What I Didn’t Love

1. Old School Inventory

Having a limited inventory that you need to approach like a Sudoku puzzle is so 2020, and hearing that disembodied voice constantly telling me that I don’t have room for that shiny bauble I want to pick up really starts to grate. I get it, we didn’t have better mechanics back in the dark ages of ARPGs, but how about making the pain in the ass an optional feature like the toggle for the original graphics.

2. All The Detail Comes at a Price

I don’t mean that Diablo 2: Resurrected is such a graphical upgrade that it brings systems to their digital knees, but that the new version lacks contrast. The original didn’t have a lot of detail but it was easy to see items and enemies in the environment. The remaster piles on the clutter and tones down the color palette, resulting in low-contrast scenes that are harder to read.

3. Creaky Camera and One Mode Enemy AI

This kind of comes back to Diablo 2’s mechanical limitations, and how Resurrected insists on being a remaster only, slavishly sticking to what the game was in 2020. Now we have cameras that move and zoom and some games have enemies that have a wider range of behaviors than attack head-on. I guess if we want something a little more current from Diablo 2, we wait for Diablo 4, which looks to return to the dark, gothic vibe that made the franchise a timeless masterpiece.

There are lots of ARPGs that have caught my attention and swallowed up hours of time since Diablo 2, but playing Resurrected reminded me where it all started–or, at least, where the genre clicked for me and for millions of other players as well. September can’t come soon enough.

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