3 Things I Love (and Hate) About Modern Warfare’s Multiplayer


Some Map Designs

Before release, I’d garnered hype in knowing the maps were built beyond the three-lane structure with many flanking routes and power positions, traversal freedom, and more asymmetrical layouts. I love the direction, but I’m not entirely sold on the execution. Grazna Raid, Azhir Cave, and Hackney Yard are my favorites. I believe the three function beautifully but are severely juxtaposed by maps like Euphrates Bridge and Piccadilly. The latter two are plagued by seemingly inescapable choke points and lines of sight that make for a sniper’s paradise. I’ll be the first to admit that I enjoy the chaos of these maps when my team’s in control, but being on the receiving end is an absolute nightmare. Many of the maps feel like glorified campsites as well. I’m conditioned to play aggressively, but I’m growing discouraged by that approach the more I play. Maps are loaded with nooks and crannies often occupied by campers and claymores. I’m all for controlling areas of a map, especially in objective modes, but at times it can hinder moment to moment gameplay. It’s usually tricky to pinpoint stationary players, so the addition of a ping system could go a long way in combatting those situations, and would certainly be more effective than vague operator callouts. I’m also experiencing poor map rotation. I regularly wind up on the same map multiple matches in a row, and I’ve yet to experience any of the night variants. Considering the collective resentment rising for a few of these maps, the option to vote between matches would provide some reprieve. 

Spawn System 

Currently, the spawn system is multiplayer’s greatest offender. Altering it may resolve issues impairing the maps. I regularly find myself spawn killing or being spawned killed, and it’s difficult to determine when and how spawns flip. Team Deathmatch and Domination, in particular, seem to be in total disarray on a couple of maps. What’s bizarre is this wasn’t my experience during the beta. I’m not sure what’s changed since then, or how to fix it, but let’s hope it occurs sooner than later. 

Weapon Balance 

The M4 Warfare meme is painfully accurate, and I’m a contributor. I’ve enjoyed dabbling with other guns but have yet to find a reliable alternative to everyone’s favorite assault rifle. The 725 shotgun is a testament to the ongoing balancing act with the weapons. That buckshot has the power of a freight train and the range of a sniper. At this point, we’ll all either die as campers or live long enough to embrace chaos with the shotgun from hell. Jokes aside, the M4 and 725 are a blast to use, but desperately need adjustment. Perhaps reduced damage on the M4 and range on the 725.

What I’m beginning to discover is that beyond new game modes, mechanics, and presentation, Call of Duty’s multiplayer gameplay has fundamentally evolved. While running and gunning is relatively possible, those days may be over. With faster time to kill, slower player movement, and a mounting mechanic, Modern Warfare practically demands you ease your pace and approach each match strategically. There’s great depth to the maps and weapon customization. With adjustments to the spawn system and weapon balance, it can undoubtedly be a phenomenal PvP experience. For the first time in over a decade, I’m learning how to properly play a Call of Duty game, and for me, that’s one of Modern Warfare’s best aspects. The growing pains are prevalent, but I can’t stop playing it.