2022 PlayStation Holiday Gift Guide

Elden Ring

Elden Ring is an impressive game for many reasons, only one of which is the fact that it took home multiple awards at the Game Awards this year. FromSoftware? Check. George R. R. Martin? Check. Is it the RPG ever made? A lot of people would say so. Its story is rich, combat is fantastic and it’s a huge game with a ton of quality content to get lost in. Whatever your reason for joining, you’ll be playing Elden Ring for the long haul. Here’s what Mark had to say about it: “Elden Ring is an awe-inspiring achievement…More importantly, it offers a captivating, polished experience fraught with danger and filled with beauty.”

Gran Turismo 7

Polyphony Digital is responsible for the Gran Turismo franchise and this year they came out with an absolute hit. Sports fans, and casual and competitive drivers alike have nothing but great things to say about the latest installment, Gran Turismo 7. There’s a ton to customize, lots of open roads to hit and Gran Turismo 7 is the most realistic racing game to date! Choose one of the 420 vehicles available and hit those open roads. Full speed ahead!


Tunic is a game that surprised people this year. Set to be a similar game to Zelda, it’s a game where FromSoftware’s combat meets solving puzzles. You might not always be in the mood to solve puzzles and fight monsters but it’s a damn good time once you get into it. It’s cute, colorful and there are plenty of secrets to uncover. Here’s what Mark had to say about it, “Tunic is a great game for a specific audience. The target gamer is someone who has patience, loves puzzles and isn’t bothered by dead ends and roadblocks. For those folks, Tunic is a delightful Zelda-inspired ARPG that unfolds into something bigger than its style suggests.”


PlayStation DualSense Wireless Controller

The PlayStation DualSense Wireless controller is a game changer. Anyone who’s played the PS5 with one knows that it’s a fantastic accessory that really helps you make the most of any game you’re playing. It comes equipped with haptic feedback which ensures your total immersion in every game, as well as dynamic adaptive triggers and a built-in microphone. While it may seem straightforward, or maybe a little basic, no one ever complains about getting an extra controller. After all, you never know who might want to join in on the fun on some of the games on this list! The gamer in your life will thank you for sure. Currently the cosmic red version is $26 off on Amazon so it’s the perfect time to scoop it up.

Seagate Special Edition FireCuda 500GB Internal Solid State Drive

There’s no denying the PS5 is an impressive piece of technology. The lack of internal storage is frustrating though. Without any expansion you’ll get to download like 5 games, max. It may sound like enough but it’d be nice to have at least 10 at any given time for, you know, variety. The Seagate FireCuda Internal Drive is the perfect solution then and it’s relatively budget-friendly at the lower models (500 GB and 1 TB). It’s currently 45% off on Amazon so if the gamer in your life has been complaining about a lack of storage this would be an amazing gift.

That’s it! Let us know if there’s anything you picked up for your PS4 or PS5 this Christmas and beyond this year. And keep an eye out for extra special deals on the weekends for great sales on games and accessories alike. Happy Holidays everyone and happy shopping!