10 Movies You Must See in 2021

No Time to Die

As much as I don’t want to, I’ve been trying to say goodbye to Daniel Craig’s James Bond for like, 18 goddamn months now. This one looks like it could rival Casino Royale for Craig’s best entry in an incredible run as the debonair super spy. Will Cary Fukunaga capture audiences as he did with True Detective? Will Rami Malek be a believable villain? Will Craig’s send-off be honoring Craig’s 15-year tenure as 007? Everything would point to yes and I can’t wait to plunk my ass in a seat, get blown away, and help keep the Bond franchise from going bankrupt and disappearing forever.

Marvel Slate

(Black Widow, Shang-Chi: The Legend of the Ten Rings, The Eternals, Spiderman 3)

With all the delays and push backs, the MCU slate alone could save the box office of 2021. For the next 24 months, we’ll have a new Marvel project rolling out every three months, so hold on to your butts.

I could go through each of them individually but if I took the time to even read off the Spiderman 3 casting announcements, it would take the entire day. Just keep your eyes peeled for release dates near you and let the MCU remind you what the theatrical experience is all about!

Top Gun: Maverick

Maverick is BACK! Everything you could ever hope for in the long-gestating sequel is here. Plausible moments met with derision like two rookie pilots mocking Maverick, a legendary pilot, for taking them on 2 vs 1. Motorcycle rides. Beach volleyball. Personality clashes of hot-headed pilots. Maverick flying low by the traffic control tower. Will this be ridiculous? Almost certainly. Will I watch this at least twice? Most definitely. When this one FINALLY gets released, you’ll hear more about dog fights than the last time Michael Vick was in the news!

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