10 Movies You Must See in 2021


Ah, Dune. One of the most ambitious novel series that has ever been undertaken and also a… bizarre… film from 1984. I mean, David Lynch directed it, I guess saying it’s bizarre is a bit redundant. Denis Villeneuve takes the reins with an absolute blockbuster cast to give this a proper adaptation with proper scope and scale. Villeneuve already has carte blanche with an absolutely stellar resume and this only seems like it’s going to solidify him as one of the generation’s great directors. The aforementioned WB deal puts the second half of the story in jeopardy (you should really read what he had to say about it), so hopefully, this whole mess gets sorted out and we get the full story from this visionary.

The Suicide Squad

This one is tough for me. On the one hand, James Gunn is excellent at making weird, offbeat, and funny films. He’s also excellent at making unlikable characters very lovable in particularly violent films. On the other hand, David Ayers’ Suicide Squad is one of the worst movies that has ever been made. This makes my watch list based solely on James Gunn. The WB/DC shitshow may land a good one here but it isn’t for lack of them trying to screw it up.


Well, look what we have here! A brand-new entry! However, after all, we’ve heard about it, maybe it doesn’t seem like it. Finally in front of cameras after a multitude of directors and stars came and went (some of them not even sure what the franchise was), Tom Holland is taking a crack at a younger Nathan Drake. Think the flashbacks from Uncharted 4 and sort of leading up to the start of the first game from what I’m reading. They’ve kept the script details fairly under wraps considering there have been about 19 versions of it up until now. Holland is enjoying a boom of work after his obvious break out as Spidey and, quite frankly, I think he’ll be a solid Drake! Shame we missed out on being able to see Nathan Fillion in the role though…

Matrix 4*

Confession time. I watch the Matrix trilogy in its entirety (including the Animatrix) roughly once a year. The third installment is a mess, yes, but it’s also a satisfying conclusion and, quite frankly, the first Matrix was a genre-defining film, so sue me. A lot of the old crew has returned, most importantly Keanu, which bodes well for a new installment in a dormant franchise. Again, they have been really tight on the script details so I don’t have much to talk about here, but I’m really interested to see what timeline in the world of the Matrix this is going to fall under. How much time has passed before the lord and savior Neo is resurrected? Surely more than 3 days! As more details come out, I’m sure my excitement will grow, and this surely clinches a spot on the ‘must-sees’ of the year!

Are you excited about any movies in 2021? Let us know in the comments below.

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