The Best Gear and Accessories For PC, PS4, Xbox One and Nintendo Switch: Gift Guide For Christmas 2017


Let’s switch to some Nintendo Switch gear. You’ve got the PowerA version of the Pro controller, which is both wired and missing any HD rumble functionality. Said controller is also half the price of an actual Pro model if that’s the sort of thing you’re into. Then you’ve got less useful but more awesome products like the Breath of the Wild lunchbox. If you want to sex up your existing hardware, you can grab yourself a Hybrid cover. They function as both stands and slip cases. Neat! There’s a reasonable selection of variants to choose from, although the Breath of the Wild version is clearly the superior option.

PowerA Switch Gear


Don’t forget about Nintendo’s portable family. The 3DS/N3DS/2DS/N2DS line is an entry point into an enormous library of games, and the N2DS XL is the perfect way to gain access to said library. You get the boosted processing power, the extra screen real estate and the classic clamshell design. The only thing you’re missing is the 3D functionality and 60 or 70 dollars off the total price. On top of that, Nintendo is still releasing games for the system, even though everyone told them to stop. You know. Because they have the Switch now. Don’t listen to the naysayers though. Pokemon Ultra Sun/Moon is out this month, along with Mario Party: The Top 100 and Fire Emblem Warriors.

New 2DS XL Variants


Xbox One X games are enormous. Like, 100 GB with all those 4K textures thrown in. It surely won’t take long to use up every bit of your hard drive space, meaning you’re going to want another drive pretty fast. Might I suggest the Game Drive from Seagate? Like all branded external drives, it’s advertised with a host of important-sounding features that are surely essential for preserving your games. The drive is also Xbox green and sporting an embossed logo. I’ll let you decide which is the more important feature. Or, if logos and color coordination don’t matter you can plug a regular external into your X1X. It won’t look as cool though.

Seagate Xbox Game Drive

Custom Controllers:

Sometimes, a regular controller just won’t cut it. No, you need something a little snazzier for all your various video gamings. That’s where custom controller companies step in. For a bit more than the regular price tag, places like the Controller Shop and Controller Chaos will help you put together just, any color scheme you can think of. Neon, leopard print, sugar skulls, matte, gloss, camouflage and more. You can also do some input remapping and installation of additional inputs, though that seems a bit cruel when constructing a gift for someone else. It would be a bitter pill indeed to try out a brand new controller, only to discover (after much frustrating trial and error!) that a couple buttons had been swapped. Unless maybe you’re buying this for someone you don’t like that much?


Looking to take your Nintendo Switch on the go? If, while on your travels, you encounter a wild television with a free HDMI port, you’re going to want a way to get your Switch all up in that bad boy. But who wants to go dragging their dock around like a boat anchor? No one, that’s who. Thankfully, Nyko has a solution for you. The Portable Docking Kit is a Switch dock that won’t throw your back out when you try to take it to a friend’s house for an impromptu night of gaming. Just bust out this demure, slender model and get ready to game, hardly a fuss involved. Leave that colossal, spine-crushing default dock at your own place, where the weight of it falling through the floor and puncturing several inches of concrete won’t incur any unnecessary casualties.

Nyko Switch Dock 2017 holiday

And there you have it! A healthy variety of gaming gear and accessories to populate the base of any Christmas tree.