10 Amazing Things We Love About Borderlands 3

No More Slag

Borderlands 3 is ditching slag in favor of radiation. If you recall, in Borderlands 2, some weapons had “slag” elemental. This coated the enemy for a short period and made them vulnerable to attack. It was pain and most fans hated it. These slag weapons have now been replaced with radiation. This continues to make enemies vulnerable in the short term but will also hurt enemies over time on its own and can potentially spread to other enemies.

You Can Sell Weapons To Your Friends

I don’t mind being charitable and all once in a while but I hate giving away weapons and getting nothing in return. Now if you offload your weapons and actually get something in return. Being able to sell some of your weapons to your friends is fantastic and something I will take full advantage of.

Fast Travel in Maps

Who doesn’t love the ability to fast travel? Now you can fast travel within a map. So if you forgot something or have a reason to backtrack for anything, you can fast travel to certain parts of the map which saves you a ton of time. This is such a great feature.

Born on a Bayou

Borderlands has a new planet called Eden-6 which is filled with lush greenery, and a bayou-like landscape. It’s a nice break from the typical desolate desert wastelands. Borderlands 2 was built on Unreal Engine 3 and now with Borderlands 3 being built on Unreal Engine 4, the game’s environments look so much better. Happy exploring people!

Bonus Thing We Love: Rewards For Becoming Part of the Community

Gearbox has set up a program to reward players who have a vested interest in the community. If you go to https://borderlands.com/en-US/vip/ to log on, you can start earning points. Doing things like watching announce trailers, following the Official Borderlands Twitter, Facebook and Instagram will all get you points for rewards. Rewards can get you skins, heads and possibly weapons.

What are you most looking forward to? Tell us in the comments below.

Borderlands 3 is to be released on 13 September 2019 for Microsoft Windows, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.