Helldivers 2 PC Will Require Linked PSN Account on PC

Helldivers 2 Developer Implements Mandatory Account Linking for Enhanced Community Protection

Helldivers 2 PC players are set to undergo a significant change as developer Arrowhead announces the mandatory linking of PlayStation Network accounts. Initially planned during the game’s launch, this requirement aims to enhance community protection by addressing issues of griefing and abuse within the player base.

According to Arrowhead, the decision to enforce account linking stems from the need to safeguard players and provide avenues for banned individuals to appeal. Starting May 6, all new Helldivers 2 players on Steam must connect their accounts to PlayStation Network. Existing Steam players will witness the implementation of mandatory login from May 30 and must complete the account linking process by June 4.

While this move intends to foster a safer gaming environment, it has sparked a wave of criticism on the Helldivers 2 Steam storefront. Concerns regarding potential security risks and accessibility issues have dominated negative user reviews. Some players argue that the unavailability of PlayStation Network in certain regions could prevent them from accessing the game.

Helldivers 2

Despite the backlash, Arrowhead stands by its decision, citing similar account linking practices in other gaming platforms. Notably, Helldivers 2 marks the sole PlayStation Studios PC port with such a requirement.

In the dynamic landscape of Helldivers 2, the game continues to evolve with each new update, ensuring that players are engaged and challenged in their interstellar battles against the Automaton menace. The recent patch, which arrived amidst a flurry of excitement surrounding the game’s ongoing success, brought about significant rebalancing of several weapons, aiming to fine-tune the gameplay experience and maintain a fair and competitive environment for all troopers.

As players adapt to the changes introduced in the latest patch, anticipation mounts for the upcoming release of the Polar Patriots Warbond, scheduled to debut on May 9. This content update promises to inject a refreshing burst of wintry excitement into the game, introducing a range of new weaponry designed to help players combat the frigid conditions of the Polar Patriots region.