Helldivers 2 Introduces New Stratagems

Expanding the Arsenal: Introducing the MG-101 Heavy Machine Gun and LAS-99 Quasar Cannon

Arrowhead, the developer behind Helldivers 2, has unveiled two new Stratagems aimed at aiding players in their ongoing battle against the Automatons and Terminids.

The first addition is the MG-101 Heavy Machine Gun, priced at 6,000 requisition. Described as a formidable weapon with intense recoil, this Stratagem boasts a three-second call-in time, a 480-second cooldown, and unlimited usage.

Joining the arsenal is the LAS-99 Quasar Cannon, now available in the game. This weapon charges up to unleash a potent, explosive energy burst, albeit with a lengthy cooldown period post-firing. The Quasar Cannon can be acquired for 7,500 requisition and shares similar call-in and cooldown times with the Heavy Machine Gun.

Helldivers 2

These new Stratagems mark the first additions to Helldivers 2 since the recent introduction of mechs earlier this month. With Arrowhead specifically mentioning the “Automaton horde” in their announcement, these additions are expected to aid players in tackling the current major order focused on combating the alien robots. Notably, the Quasar Cannon has proven effective against Automaton dropships. However, Arrowhead advises against snowball fights, cautioning that they may cause game crashes.

Since its launch in February, Helldivers 2 has defied expectations and emerged as a surprise hit in the gaming world in 2024. Dominating the charts on platforms like Steam and reportedly surpassing three million copies sold, the game’s popularity shows no signs of waning. Analysts attribute its success to its addictive gameplay, strategic depth, and engaging multiplayer experience, which have resonated strongly with players of all stripes.

As Helldivers 2 continues to captivate audiences and carve out its place in the gaming landscape, the game’s developers at Arrowhead Studios remain committed to delivering regular updates and new content to keep the player base engaged and entertained. With its growing popularity and dedicated community, Helldivers 2 looks poised to remain a prominent fixture in the gaming zeitgeist for the foreseeable future.