Helldivers 2 Community Crushes Kill Order in Record Time

Celebrating Victory in Helldivers 2

In an impressive display of teamwork and firepower, Helldivers 2 players achieved a monumental feat by completing the latest Major Order in less than 24 hours: the extermination of two billion Terminids. Developer Arrowhead initiated the next phase of Helldivers 2’s Galactic War on April 18, following the successful mitigation of a significant Automaton invasion by the game’s PC and PlayStation 5 co-op community.

The challenge seemed daunting—eliminating two billion Terminids within six days—but players swiftly demonstrated their prowess, surpassing the kill count at an astonishing pace. Such rapid progress led to speculation among players about a potential bug in the game’s Terminid kill tracker.

However, any doubts were dispelled as the Major Order was swiftly fulfilled on April 19, with players receiving well-deserved medals as acknowledgment of their achievement. The official Helldivers 2 Twitter account commemorated the milestone with an in-universe message, lauding the Helldivers’ efficiency in combating the Terminid threat.

Helldivers 2

The message within the game itself praised the Helldivers’ exceptional performance and highlighted the unexpected speed with which they accomplished the task. While the current biomass refinement pipelines are at capacity, Super Earth High Command commended the Helldivers for their unwavering dedication to defending freedom.

With the Major Order completed ahead of schedule, Helldivers 2 players now enjoy a brief respite from campaign objectives, allowing them to engage in unrestricted combat and exploration over the weekend.

Meanwhile, Arrowhead continues to enrich the Helldivers 2 experience with ongoing updates and content additions, addressing both in-game challenges and technical issues. CEO Johan Pilestedt recently discussed the studio’s commitment to maintaining a dynamic live service model, emphasizing the importance of player engagement and satisfaction.

Since its launch in February, Helldivers 2 has emerged as a surprise success, garnering widespread acclaim and achieving significant sales milestones. As the community thrives and the Galactic War rages on, Helldivers 2 remains a vibrant and evolving multiplayer adventure, poised for further growth and excitement in the months to come.