Monsters’ Domain Will Start Defending on Steam This Week

Slay the Heroes in Monsters’ Domain

Get ready to be a part of the monster’s side instead of the heroes! and CreativeForge Games have officially announced the release date for their upcoming title Monster’s Domain. It will be launching on PC via Steam on 5th April 2024. The base price will be $19.99, but there will be a 20% release discount for 14 days.

Additionally, anyone can take part in the pre-release playtest simply by “Requesting Access” on the platform.

Monsters' Domain

Monsters Domain provides a seamless blend of strategy, adventure, and combat that will make players keep coming back for more. You will become a part of the monster’s side and take down the foolish heroes trying to explore your realm.

Start the journey with simple monsters and skeletons and with time, build up the best defenses. Choose any monster from the army and command them to follow various orders. Every hero that they kill will make them stronger and provide them an opportunity to equip them better or develop new skills or monstrosities.

You can even reanimate fallen intruders or collect pieces from them to use for research and unlock new items and upgrades. Forge your own preferred playstyle from various schools such as Necromancy, Vivisection, Mutation, Runes, Elixirs, and more.

Nurture your beasts and monsters and make them unique or identical to unlock specific skill trees, upgrades, and abilities. The possibilities are just limitless. Along the way, you will encounter various challenging bosses, as well as uncover different secrets. So, are you ready to be a part of the other side and slay the heroes?