Tinkerlands: A Shipwrecked Adventure Is Launching Next Month on Steam

Immerse Yourself in the World of Tinkerlands: A Shipwrecked Adventure

Developers CodeManu and Endless Coffee, along with the publisher HypeTrain Digital are proud to announce the release date for Tinkerlands: A Shipwrecked Adventure. The game will be coming out on PC via Steam on 12 April 2024. It is an exciting survival adventure game that takes place in the world of Tinkerlands.

Tinkerlands: A Shipwrecked Adventure

Tinkerlands: A Shipwrecked Adventure is a free prologue that will uncover the story of the first survivors on these fantastical islands. You will navigate the intricate and captivating archipelago which is full of magic and mysteries. All the while discovering, crafting, and conquering the place and defeating formidable monsters.

Along the way, you will gradually learn the essential skills of resource gathering, combat, and the art of survival. You can also enhance the strength of your character through loot and crafting various weapons and gears. Not only that, you will also be responsible for establishing a community where different characters will join and assist you in your journey of survival.

Key features:

– Gorgeous pixel art with memorable biomes and enemy design
– Cozy mix of sandbox & survival gameplay
– Unique magic world full of curiosities
– The opportunity to build your town
– Crafting, building, potions brewing mechanics

Make sure to take a look at the official gameplay trailer below.