Ludus Mortis Battles Its Way Out of Steam Early Access

Enjoy the Complete RPG Experience of Ludus Mortis

The Italian indie video game developer 68k Studios is thrilled to announce the full release of Ludus Mortis. After its launch on Steam Early Access back in October 2023, the game is finally ready to offer the complete RPG experience. It is now available on Windows and Linux via Steam and You can purchase it for just $15.29 with a 15% launch discount.

Ludus Mortis

Ludus Mortis is a grid and party-based first-person dungeon crawler that draws inspiration from classic cRPG from the 80s and 90s. The story takes place in a Dark Fantasy version of Imperial Rome in the 4th Century AD. The Senate has become corrupted and has lost its power and influence over the last few decades. Meanwhile, there seems to be no opposition to Emperor Diocletian and his military force beyond the city walls.

The Senate, yearning to reclaim its former prestige, opts for a drastic measure: necromancy. Thus, they raise an army of undead and demons to challenge the Emperor and his imperial forces. They succeded in defeating the Emperor as well.

However, the undead legions seized control, even exerting dominance over the Senate members themselves. This led to the creation of a rift in the common people and made them live in constant fear. This created a rift among the common people and made them live in fear for their lives.

Amid these tumultuous occurrences, an ancient gladiatorial academy persisted in honing the best soldiers for the arena. Now, its focus has shifted towards combatting the undead onslaught and restoring tranquility to the Roman Empire.

Manage and develop your school, improve the facilities, acquire new gladiators, and craft new equipment. Form your party and explore catacombs and dungeons in a turn-based combat system. There are various loots to discover with thousands of different combinations.