Solium Infernum Is Set to Release This Month

Claim the Throne in Solium Infernum

League of Geeks has announced that their upcoming title Solium Infernum is coming out on PC via Steam on 22 February. It was originally planned to be released on 15 February, however, the Australian game studio decided to use an extra week to further polish the game.

During the Multiplayer Playtest Weekend, over 4000 players participated across more than 400 matches. They also provided valuable feedback to the development team, helping in the development process.

Solium Infernum

Solium Infernum is a simultaneous turn-based political strategy game for up to six players. You will become one of Hell’s eight great Archfiends and outwit your rivals to claim the vacant Infernal Throne. This will be achieved through mastery of devious political and military strategy. There is a variety of tactics at your disposal, and you must bluff, backstab, and betray your way to victory.

The game features diverse multiplayer modes, which is perfect for players seeking intriguing strategic encounters. The Asynchronous multiplayer matches support up to six players and the gameplay spans over several days or weeks that can be played in just a few minutes every day. There is also a real-time multiplayer option for strategy fans favoring immediate action.

Along with the multiplayer modes, there is a brand-new single-player narrative-driven challenge called Chronicles. And there is even a single-player Skirmish mode, where you can enjoy unlimited hours of strategic battles.

So, are you excited to take part in the politics of Hell and sit on the throne?