Project Downfall Starts Blasting on Consoles

The Console Downfall Starts Now

80’s cyberpunk action awaits. This world is ruthless and ready for bloodshed. Now, it’s up to consoles players to prove that they can bloody the city with the best of them. Today, MGP Studios is thrilled to announce that their shooter-hybrid, Project Downfall, is out now on Nintendo Switch and Xbox consoles. Inviting players to a cyberpunk world, the game uses non-linear storytelling elements and action shooting to hook players. In fact, reflexive action and accuracy are going to come in handy for players. A new launch trailer provides players with a glimpse of the action. 

Project Downfall

Project Downfall introduces players to an 80’s themed cyberpunk world. With a focus on action-packed gameplay, the game still manages to be more than just a shooter. In fact, the game also provides players with a non-linear story in which the choices they make actually impact the game. Of course, beyond the dialogue and choices, players will experience the hyper-violence of this reality. Additionally, interesting and unique systems like the sanity system, witness system, and more all add different ways to play. Furthermore, an entire arsenal of weapons gives players even more choice into how they want to play the game.

Of course, a new launch trailer gives players a look at Project Downfall. Check out the trailer below.

Project Downfall is out now on  Nintendo SwitchXbox One and Xbox Series X|S consoles. Additionally the game is also currently available on PC via Steam. It’s time to get shooting.