Nightingale Ventures To Early Access In February

An Adventure Begins 

It’s almost time to step into a whole new world. Realms await exploring full of vibrant and interesting locations with different elements that need surviving. Luckily, alone or with friends, you’re about to find out if you have what it takes to survive. Today, Inflexion Games is happy to announce that their upcoming survival adventure game, Nightingale, is releasing to Steam Early Access on February 20th. Inviting players to become a realm walker, the game take survival sandbox gameplay and  throwing in the idea of a multiverse to keep things interesting. Importantly, a new trailer gives players another taste of the realms before the release. 

nightingale survival crafting game

Nightingale allows players to become Realm Walkers. However, you are not exactly free to travel the realms as you wish. In fact, players begin their journey stranded in the Fae Realms. Of course, the arcane portal representing their only way home is in ruins. Now, it will be up to players to survive and explore these vast and dangerous realms. The goal? Survive long enough to find the last human city of Nightingale somewhere out there in the wild and ever-shifting realms. Importantly, this won’t be an easy task, Players will need to construct estates, craft items and weapons, and acquire skills to survive out there in the Fae Realms.

Of course, players can get a glimpse of Nightingale in the new trailer for the game. Check it out just below.

Nightingale is set to enter Early Access on Steam on February 20th. Importantly, this will allow players to jump into the game a couple of days earlier than expected.