Elden Ring Mobile Reportedly in Development

Expectations Tempered as Elden Ring Mobile Development Cautiously Moves Forward

Reports emerge of Tencent’s endeavor to adapt the acclaimed Elden Ring into a mobile gaming experience, but enthusiasts should prepare for an extended wait before wielding the Tarnished’s might on their smartphones.

According to Reuters, Tencent has initiated efforts to bring the challenging Souls-like adventure to mobile devices. However, progress on the adaptation has been described as sluggish, with only a small team, estimated at a few dozen individuals, engaged in developing the prototype. Drawing inspiration from the success of Genshin Impact, Tencent intends to fashion a free-to-play mobile iteration with monetization features akin to its rival miHoYo’s popular title.

The involvement of Tencent in the mobile adaptation of Elden Ring is particularly noteworthy due to its significant stake in From Software, the game’s developer. Having acquired licensing rights for Elden Ring following its investment in From Software in 2022, Tencent’s strategic moves underscore its ambition to explore new avenues for expanding the franchise’s reach.

As anticipation mounts among fans of Elden Ring, details regarding the highly anticipated expansion, Shadow of the Erdtree, have remained elusive since its initial announcement. The veil of mystery surrounding this expansive addition to the game has only served to heighten excitement among the player community, with speculation running rampant about what new content and challenges await in the ethereal realm of the Erdtree.

Kadokawa Corporation, the parent company of From Software, outlined its strategy to prolong the longevity of the Elden Ring IP through planned DLC releases. With the game achieving both critical acclaim and commercial success, boasting 20.5 million global sales as of May 2023, Kadokawa aims to maximize profitability by leveraging additional content to enrich the Elden Ring experience. As fans await further developments, the prospect of venturing into the Lands Between on mobile devices remains a tantalizing possibility, albeit one shrouded in uncertainty and patience.