Lightphobe Conquering the Darkness In Early Access Soon

Preserve the Light or Snuff it Out

Nightmares lurk in the darkness. It’s a tale as old as the dark itself. The things that go bump in the night can’t hurt you in the light of day. Yet, when darkness falls, they become invincible monsters. Don’t stray too far from the light, work with your friends to survive. Today, Realm Entertainment is happy to announce that their asymmetrical shooter, Lightphobe, is coming to Steam Early Access on February 12th. Introducing players to an Earth full of darkness, players will, hop into 8vs8 asymmetrical battles where teams fight to eliminate one another and hold control points. Yet, there is a catch. Of course, a trailer gives players a glimpse of the darkness to come. 


Lightphobe introduces players to an Earth under siege. Horrific nightmares with the titular name, are looking to rip every single living thing to shreds. Luckily, Earth has deployed some defenders. Interestingly, the game invites players to a battle for survival that pits teams of eight against one another. Importantly, as an asymmetrical shooter, players will choose between playing as human soldiers that use different guns to eliminate foes or the melee based Lightphobes. In fact, the differences between the teams extends beyond just title. Human players will get a first-person shooter experience where the Lightphobe team is in third person. Additionally, the Lightphobes are immune to damage in the darkness, so human players will need to use bubbles of light to deal direct damage to the melee weapon creatures. 

Of course, players can get a better look at Lightphobe in the new trailer for the game. Check it out below if you aren’t afraid of the dark.

Lightphobe is releasing to Steam Early Access on February 12th.