Ghost Croquet Is Available Now on Steam

Have Fun With Your Friends in Ghost Croquet

It is time for the ultimate multiplayer platforming experience. YellowAfterlife and ampersandbear have announced that their latest title Ghost Croquet is now available on Steam. The game came out on 25 January and you can purchase it for just $5.35 with a 33% launch discount. This offer is ending on 19 February, so hurry up and get your own copy.

Ghost Croquet

Ghost Croquet is a multiplayer platformer where players become heroes and ghosts. It can be enjoyed with friends as a party game with up to 4 players locally and 8 players online. There is also a competitive singleplayer modes and a level editor integrated with Steam Workshop.

In the game, one player will be the hero and others become ghosts that are able to possess monsters and traps. The player who kills the hero will become the next hero, and the cycle continues. You can also collect gems while you are in human form to spend them on upgrades and items.

Key features:

– Be the monster! Each has its own unique ability that really shines when you coordinate with your monster buddies.

– Challenge your friends in both local (split-screen) and online multiplayer!

– Compete in singleplayer Arcade mode for a place in global Leaderboards!

– Create and share your own levels using the in-game editor

Take a look at the official release trailer below.