Astro Duel II Blasting Platforms in March

Sci-Fi Shoot-Em-Up 

Prepare yourselves gamers. Sci-fi is about to go old west in this shoot-em-up platform fighter. The Echo System awaits, riddled with crime, take to the skies to dogfight criminals, and then finish them on the ground. You’re going to need pilot skills and a quick hand to survive in these parts. Today, Wild Rooster is happy to announce their co-op and competitive shooter, Astro Duel II, is releasing for Switch and PC on March 7th. Inviting players to a combined shooter experience, the game combines top-down dogfighting with 2D platform fighting. Importantly, these battles will rage across the stars and a myriad of sci-fi locations. A launch date trailer for the game shows off what players can expect. 

Astro Duel II

Astro Duel II invites players to step into an elite Nano-fighter. These fighters allow players to seamlessly switch between starship and ground combat. Interestingly, players will engage in dogfights in a top down perspective before heading down to locations to battle their friends in platform fighting combat. Importantly, each ship can be customized to different playstyles, from melee centric to heavy guns and more. Additionally, taking the fight to the ground allows players to master different weapons and a skills as they challenge bounties or other players. In fact, players can team up with up to five other players in a versus mode to see who is the best bounty hunter. Additionally, players can work together to take on hordes of enemies in high-risk jobs.

Of course, players can get a look at Astro Duel II in the launch date trailer. Check it out below.

Astro Duel II is releasing for PC via Steam and Nintendo Switch on March 7th.