Critter Crossfire Released It First Demo on Steam

Start Firing in Critter Crossfire

The solo video game developer Evan Polekoff has officially released the first free demo version of Critter Crossfire on Steam. You can go to the platform right now to try it out. This genre-breaking game that blends turn-based tactics and first-person shooter is coming out sometime in 2024. However, there is no specific release date or window for now.

Critter Crossfire

Critter Crossfire is a first-person shooter with elements of turn-based tactical elements. You must position your units in the environment and skillfully aim your shots using physics-based weapons. The strategies that you employ play a huge role in the game and not just accuracy. Put your tactical skills to the test and try to outsmart your opponents in 1v1 matches. Or 4-player free-for-all matches against your friends or AI opponents.

The game features diverse maps with a well-detailed 3D environment. Enhance your trick shots by utilizing the precise hitboxes of obstacles. Master the unique mechanics present in each level, including conveyor belts and spinning gears. There are item boxes available throughout the map that will enhance the capabilities of your units. Be selective in your choices to construct the most formidable combination and achieve the ideal loadout.