Critter Crossfire Officially Announced for PC

Get Ready for Critter Crossfire

Solo video game developer Evan Polekoff has officially announced his upcoming title Critter Crossfire. It is a unique game that blends turn-based tactics and first-person shooter. It will be coming out on PC via Steam sometime in 2024.

In Critter Crossfire, you will need to position your units in the environment and skillfully aim your shots using physics-based weapons. Meaning, strategies play a huge role in the game and not just accuracy. Put your tactical skills to the test and try to outsmart your opponents in 1v1 matches.

All the maps are diverse and feature well-detailed 3D environments. Refine your trick shots by leveraging the accurate hitboxes of obstacles. Conquer the distinctive mechanics of each level, such as conveyor belts and spinning gears.

There are item boxes as well that you can grab to power up your units. Choose them carefully to build the most powerful combination and the perfect loadout.

Key features:

– Over 50 wacky items to master! Mix and match weapons and upgrades to build your
perfect loadout.
– Unique map mechanics, including moving conveyor belts and spinning obstacles to
shoot through.
– Challenging but fair CPU opponents who understand the physics of the game.
– A “Highlights” feature to easily record gifs and share them with the community.
– Steam Remote Play support to challenge your friends online.