Blade Prince Academy Starts Classes March 7th

School is in Session 

Assassination is an art. It requires a great deal of skill, precision, and ruthlessness. However, these are all concepts that can be taught. They are all skills that can be acquired through experience and strict teaching. Luckily, class is almost in session. Today, FireSquid Games unveiled the release date for their tactical RPG, Blade Prince Academy. Releasing on March 7th, the game allows players to choose between different characters and attend the titular school for assassins. Importantly, the game combines elements of action and life sim RPGs to create a unique blend of combat and roleplaying. A character’s trailer from December gives players a better look at the game. 

Blade Prince Academy

Blade Prince Academy introduces players to the twisted city of Abjectalia. The city is dark and terrible. It is full of dangerous and shadowy figures, each with their own aspirations and plans. Yet, the city is also full of magical warriors. Players will take control of these magical progeny as they attend the academy. Interestingly, players will be able to select from a variety of characters as they learn to harness their abilities in  tactical battles and ferocious boss fights. However, when players aren’t saving the city from its foes, they will be managing their school life. In fact, players will need to manage the relationships of their party. Of course, as the player’s party adventures and learns together the relationship dynamics of the party will change.

Importantly, players can get a better look at Blade Prince Academy in the character trailer. Check it out below.

Blade Prince Academy will be arriving to Steam on March 7th, 2024.