A Weekend In Puzzleburg Gets Cozy in New Update

Too Much Content for Just One Weekend

It’s time for a get away. Come to the picturesque town of Puzzleburg. Here, you play out your weekend in over 180,000 different ways. There is always something to do here, whether you are trying to figure out how to help others, or spoiling yourself. In fact, now there is even more to do. Today, developer Sunny Demeanor Games, is happy to announce a free content update for their cozy slice-of-life game, A Weekend in Puzzleburg. Inviting players to a puzzle adventure in the titular town, the game is a relaxing life sim in which players don’t need to worry about combat.  A trailer for the game gives players a glimpse of the world that awaits them.

A Weekend in Puzzleburg

A Weekend in Puzzleburg allows players to step into the shoes of a woman on vacation. Arriving in the titular town, players will soon meet the locals. Interestingly, players will have the entire weekend to interact with the townsfolk. Importantly, each townsperson will need help with a specific task. Of course, figuring out how to achieve these tasks is always a puzzle. Yet, there is far more than just solving puzzles in this town. Players are able to take pictures of the town, get their hair dyed, or simply explore their surroundings.

The new update for A Weekend in Puzzleburg, titled “This Town Ain’t Big Enough”, adds even more to the game. For instance, players can look forward to new items, new characters, and new quests. One such quest is an old-west themed game of hide and seek. Of course, players can get a brief look at the game in the launch trailer. Check it out below.

A Weekend in Puzzleburg is available now on PC via Steam.