Rin: The Last Child Gets Magical January 25th

A Dark World Awaits 

Not all fairytales are bright and cheery. In fact, some are dark and foreboding. Yet, not without hope. Even a small child can make a difference. The youngest can save the world. Today,  Space Fox Games is happy to announce the release date of their upcoming Metroidvania action-platformer, Rin: The Last Child. Inviting players to a dark world, the game combines an original magical system with classic platformer mechanics all in a unique setting. Importantly, a new trailer gives players a glimpse of the game and what they can expect from the gameplay. 

Rin: The Last Child introduces players to the titular character. The youngest child of the Creator, Rin carries a blessing. She possesses the power of magic. Of course, this great power comes with great responsibility. The world of Aradia had fallen into darkness, and Rin and her siblings are meant to restore the light. However, her siblings missions are failed. Now, it’s up to her. As Rin, players will weild magic and adventure through the land trying to make Aradia move once more. Interestingly, choice plays a major role in the game. Decisions that players make during the game will impact the outcome of the story and what the world becomes. 

Importantly, Rin: The Last Child gives players an entire arsenal of spells to use. These spells are able to change and evolve through the use of runes. Importantly, a players spells can determine their playstyle so it allows a player some versatility in play. Check out the neww trailer for a glimpse of Rin in action. View the trailer below. 

Rin: The Last Child will be out on PC via Steam on January 25th.