nGolf Aiming for a Hole-in-One Today

Time to Tee Off

Got to collect some stars, so might as well shoot for them. It’s time for golf but with some puzzles thrown in. Of course, you don’t even have to be a great golfer to succeed here. Today, RedDeerGames is thrilled to announce that their cozy puzzle golf game, nGolf, is out now on Nintendo Switch. Introducing players to a level-based golf journey, the game takes the simple premise of golf and applies puzzles to it. In this adventure, the courses are constantly changing and challenging the player with different powerups and traps. Of course, players can get a look at the game. 


nGolf allows players to enter a world of fantasy golf. Just like regular golf, the objective is to put the golf ball in the hole in as few shots as possible. However, this time there are a lot more obstacles. In over 60 levels, players will aim to collect stars and make it to the goal while enjoying the cozy atmosphere of the game. Of course, players will face challenges like lasers, spikes, hills, and more, as they try their best to collect the stars and make it to the goal. Importantly, collecting more stars increases the score. Yet, the objective does remain to have the lowest amount of putts possible.

Players can get a look at the Switch version of nGolf in the new trailer. Check out the atmospheric golfing that awaits in the game below.

nGolf is out now on the Nintendo Switch.