Wild Legion Is Coming Out Next Month

Welcome to Wild Legion

BluSped Studios is proud to announce that their upcoming title Wild Legion is launching on Steam in January. It is a Vampire-like action roguelite bullet hell game inspired by Brotato, Noobs Want to Live and Don’t Starve. moreover, the developer also updated the music, and visuals, and made a couple of adjustments this month as well. And a demo version is already available on the platform for everyone to try out.

Wild Legion

In Wild Legion, you’ll embark on an epic adventure in the wilderness. Equip a diverse array of distinctive weapons, confront hordes of formidable adversaries, and accumulate valuable materials and gold coins.

Collect wood to craft formidable towers that will function as your ultimate defensive barrier. Utilize additional wood to enhance or restore the towers. Alternatively, create numerous bombs to obliterate enemies from existence.

Defeat enemies, earn coins, advance your levels, and acquire enhancements such as stats, weapons, or buffs. Use a variety of weapons, including melee, ranged, as well as magical ones. Enhance your weapons and spells to their maximum potential, and purchase corresponding buffs to unlock synergies and reach S-Rank. You can even save lost animals during your run to get special gifts.

The game features a unique ‘Day and Night’ cycle where you will gather resources during the game and vicious orcs attack you. During the night, you must protect the Moon Tower from a 4-sided siege from the orcs. The main goal is to survive the time limit that you have chosen.