Fishlets – A Cute and Cozy Aquarium Game

Collect All the Fish in Fishlets

The indie game developer Tabitha H (Pixlin) is proud to present Fishlets to everyone. It’s a cute, cozy, and relaxing aquarium simulator game where you have to take care of adorable pixel fish. All the while designing charming aquatic environments for your pets to live happily. Moreover, it will be coming out for PC via Steam, so, keep your eyes out for it.


In Fishlets, you will collect rare fish with different color variants and nurture them carefully. Provide food, manage their happiness levels, keep the tanks clean, and fight off invaders trying to threaten their peace.

There are two game modes for you to enjoy. The Adventure mode has a story and by completing levels, you’ll unlock fish, critters, and decoration objects. The Sandbox mode is more casual and you can simply back, relax, and collect rare fish and their many color variants.

The game features more than 48 fish with over 350 color variants. You can also purchase them from the in-game shop and choose which one you want. There is even a critter shop for you to pick up snails, shrimp, and even axolotls to add to your tank.

Key features:
– Cute, hand-drawn pixel fish
– Adventure and Sandbox game modes
– Color variants and fish grades (Can you obtain an elusive S-grade Unique variant?)
– Fish happiness, tank cleanliness, swimming levels, and unique behaviors
– Critters such as snails, shrimp, newts, and more
– Tank customization and upgrades
– Relaxing sound design and soundtrack

Take a look at the official trailer below.