Urban Legend Hunters 2: Double Will Arrive in Spring 2024

Immerse Inside the Urban Legend Thriller

PLAYISM has announced that Urban Legend Hunters 2: Double by Toi Games is receiving English and Japanese localizations. It will be available on Steam, Google Play, and the App Store in Spring 2024. Moreover, they have also launched the Steam page for the game. So, go ahead and put it on your wish list now.

Urban Legend Hunters 2: Double

Urban Legend Hunters 2: Double is a point-and-click adventure game with real actors and a rich narrative. Since its original release, the game has won several awards such as the Asia XR Golden Award 2023 (AMD Special Award Winner), Taipei Game Show 2022 BEST INNOVATION (Nomination), and Google Play TW App Store TW 2023 (Editor Featured).

The Taiwanese urban legend called the “double” is the main inspiration for this sequel. The idea behind it is that if you ever come across someone who looks exactly like you, then one will be replaced entirely by the other. The double will inherit all the memories and continue to live without anyone noticing the change.

The story takes place a few years after its prequel Urban Legend Hunters. Chris, the popular influencer and show host disappeared and sparked a debate on the internet. You will be an outsider who knows nothing about this incident and meets Rain, Shou, and Tangtang.

They claim that they are members of Chris’s channel on a messaging app. And they highly suspect that his disappearance is connected to the urban legend of the double. Now, together, you guys will embark on an adventure to investigate this case further and unveil the mystery behind it.