Simon the Sorcerer Origins Overview Trailer Is Out Now

Check out the New Trailer of Simon the Sorcerer Origins

Developer Smallthing Studios and publisher Leonardo Interactive have released a brand-new overview trailer for Simon the Sorcerer Origins. It was premiered as a part of the Future Games Show Spring Showcase. It showcases the new gameplay scenes featuring the original voice actor of the main character, Chris Barrie. As well as the music from the soundtrack composed by Mason Fisher.

Simon the Sorcerer Origins is the prequel to the iconic point-and-click adventure from 1993. The events take place in the Magic World filled with powerful wizards and absurd characters. An ancient prophecy summons Simon away from his turbulent teenage life. This new world that is full of puzzles, alchemical contraptions, powerful spells to learn, and tasty stews to munch on.

The game is an all-Italian project that won the favor of Simon and Mike Woodroffe, the original creators of the game. A team of 80 professionals crafted the game with love and dedication to offer a worthy adventure with 15,000 hand-drawn frames.

Of course, the participation of pop legend Rick Astley with his hit Together Forever also makes the game one of the most anticipated releases of the year. The game will be available this year on all the major platforms. This includes PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, Xbox Series X/S, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, Steam Deck, and PC (Linux, Windows, Mac). It will also be localized in several languages, allowing more players to experience this epic adventure.