Trash Goblin Has Started Its Kickstarter Campaign

Explore Your Creativity in Trash Goblin

The indie game studio Spilt Milk Studios has started the Kickstarter Campaign for their upcoming title Trash Goblin. It is a wholesome and cozy shopkeeping that lets you discover, collect, customize, and sell unique trinkets. Moreover, there is a demo version on Steam for everyone to try out.

In Trash Goblin, you will step inside the shoes of a Goblin and run a small antique store in a fantasy town. You will be searching for hidden treasures and discover all types of weird and wonderful items. It ranges from discarded toys and forgotten knick-knacks to broken contraptions and even ancient artifacts.

Collect these Trinkets, and customize them to meet the eccentric requests of your endless colorful customers. Enjoy the thrill of creating something new, and the joy of sharing them with others. Then sell these amazing creations to a wide range of customers and make some profit. Learn about their lives in the process, make more items according to that, and even make their dreams come true.

Use your earnings to upgrade the shop, buy new and better tools, and expand the business to new districts as well. The game features charming stylized graphics, relaxing gameplay, and endless possibilities. We are sure that Trash Goblin is the perfect game for anyone who loves to collect, create, and explore.

Key features:

– 180+ Trinkets, Accessories & variations to find, clean, repair, and upcycle
– 8 Tools to use across 3 Trinket-care minigames
– 15+ NPC characters to get to know and sell to
– 25+ Quests
– Endless customers
– Endless gameplay

The developer is planning to release the game on PC via Steam first and then later on other platforms as well, so, stay tuned.