FALL CARS – Ultimate Car Battle Is Running an 80% Discount on Switch

Enjoy the Thrill of FALL CARS – Ultimate Car Battle

Start your engines and get ready for some racing frenzy! GameToTop Corporation’s high-octane online multiplayer racing game FALL CARS – Ultimate Car Battle is available on Nintendo Switch. And the big news is that you can purchase it for just $1.99 with 80% off right now on the eShop. This discount will end on 23 December, so make sure to grab it as soon as possible.

FALL CARS – Ultimate Car Battle is all about about speed, precision, and strategy. You will choose between 19 distinct cars and take part in ultimate car battles across two regimes, Drift and the Simple Race. Drive across a dozen of unique maps, two of them specially designed for drifting. Each map has its unique challenges and obstacles for you to conquer.

As you progress further, the maps will become increasingly intricate. Hence, putting your driving skills to the challenge with an ever-evolving and exciting gameplay experience. Earn coins with every race, upgrade your rides, and become the best racer on the tracks. You can also track your progress, challenge your records, and strive to achieve greater success.

With its adrenaline-rushing gameplay and a focus on skill and strategy, this game promises a unique experience that will make all its players come back for more.