Plantera 2: Golden Acorn Is Currently Running a Big Discount

Build the Best Garden in Plantera 2: Golden Acorn

If you are a fan of relaxing and idle games, then do not miss this chance. The indie game studio VaragtP’s beloved title Plantera 2: Golden Acorn is currently available with a big discount on Steam. You can purchase the game right now for just $3.74 with a 25% off. However, this offer will end on 4 January, so, make sure to grab it while you can.

Plantera 2: Golden Acorn

Plantera 2: Golden Acorn isn’t your typical gardening game. It’s an enchanting journey where you nurture not just plants, but an entire ecosystem teeming with life. Released in April 2023, this indie gem has captivated players with its charming pixel art, relaxing gameplay, and a focus on growth and discovery.

You begin with a small plot of land and a few humble seeds. From these beginnings, you’ll cultivate a vibrant paradise, planting colorful vegetables, towering trees, and delicate bushes. And do not worry because there are round blue Mellows to assist you in every way. They will even tend to your garden when you are not around.

At the heart of your garden lies a mystical oak tree. This isn’t just any oak; it’s the source of Golden Acorns, the key to unlocking new areas, expanding your garden, and discovering secrets. By nurturing the oak with special resources, you’ll watch it grow taller, casting its golden glow over your flourishing world.

The game offers a wealth of activities as well. You can craft colorful decorations to personalize your garden and unlock new animals and plants. As well as embark on quests that reveal the secrets of the Golden Acorn. The slow pace encourages exploration and experimentation, letting you discover its delights at your rhythm.