Last Train Home Celebrates Success With Accolades Trailer

Next Stop, Success

Accolades are showering a certain train-based strategy game. War rages on but the brave train-bound soldiers are still deserving of some praise. Today, THQ Nordic and Ashborne Games proudly display the new accolades trailer for their RTS and management game, Last Train Home. The Accolades trailer covers some of the praise that has been heaping following the game’s release. In addition to the release of the trailer, a press release delves into some details about the game. Of course, in addition to coverage, the trailer also gives players a glimpse of what can be expected in the game. 

Last Train Home

Last Train Home invites players to lead a battalion of Czechoslovak soldiers. Caught in the unfurling Russian Civil War, post World War I, these soldiers must fight through the brutal Siberian countryside. Yet, they will not be without hinderance. The Red and White armies stand between them and their destination. Importantly, the Czechoslovak troops have an armored train that they call him. Of course, they will do anything to protect it as it is their last resort. 

Interestingly, the game draws from history as it tells the story of these soldiers. In fact, the New York Times even refers to the game as “”A video game that doubles as a World War I history lesson.”  

Of course, you can check out the accolades trailer below for a glimpse of what people are saying. Also, if you haven’t had the chance, the trailer will show off the game’s unique strategy gameplay. 

Last Train Home is out now for PC via Steam