Have a Nice Death is Out on PlayStation and Xbox

PlayStation Plus and Xbox Players Gifted with Limited-Time Have a Nice Death Sale

Redwood City, CA – December 5, 2023 – The thrillingly dark 2D action roguelike, Have a Nice Death, has expanded its horizons, making its debut on PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, Xbox Series X/S, and Xbox One, much to the delight of PlayStation and Xbox fans. Priced at £20.99, this macabre adventure, a joint creation by Gearbox Publishing and Magic Design Studios, is now within reach for gamers seeking a unique blend of humor, challenge, and hand-drawn aesthetics.

Having initially graced PC and Nintendo Switch platforms in March 2023, Have a Nice Death earned acclaim for its visually stunning design, procedurally generated levels, and a whimsically dark sense of humor. Now, the PlayStation and Xbox communities can join the roguelike revelry and embark on a journey filled with perils and laughter. To celebrate this launch and extend gratitude to patient fans, PlayStation Plus and Xbox players can seize the opportunity to purchase the hack’n’scythe adventure at a discounted rate until December 18.

Have A Nice Death Review

Simon Dutertre, Lead Game Designer at Magic Design Studios, expressed the team’s excitement, saying, “Just like our fans, we are beyond thrilled to see Have a Nice Death launch on PlayStation and Xbox today. All of the support we have received over the years from our amazing fanbase has been absolutely incredible and we are forever grateful. To the PlayStation and Xbox players out there, thank you for your patience and we hope you enjoy your time in Death Incorporated!”

Have a Nice Death invites players to step into the shoes of Death, the Founder, and CEO of Death Incorporated, a colossal underworld organization managing soul processing in the afterlife. Tasked with rounding up and rehabilitating rogue associates, players navigate through procedurally generated departments of the corporation’s headquarters. Facing department bosses, also known as Sorrows, and their minions, players embark on multiple runs to bring order to the chaotic afterlife.

Armed with an arsenal boasting over 70 weapons and spells, complemented by powerful upgrades, players have myriad strategies to showcase their prowess and assert their dominance over Death Incorporated. Have a Nice Death promises an immersive experience, blending challenge and dark humor into an unforgettable adventure.