Cyberpunk 2077 Update Nods at Edgerunners with Easter Egg

Cyberpunk Fans Rejoice Over Reference

CD Projekt Red has once again demonstrated its knack for pulling at the heartstrings of Cyberpunk 2077 players by including a poignant reference to the popular anime series “Cyberpunk: Edgerunners” in the latest Update 2.1. While the introduction of romantic partner hangouts was met with excitement from fans, the mission name connected to these encounters, “I Really Want to Stay At Your House,” added an unexpected emotional layer to the experience.

The emotional impact of this mission name is further intensified as it also appears as one of the songs players can dance to with their in-game partners. The bittersweet connection between the mission name and the song left players on an emotional rollercoaster, with one Reddit user, ZawanShin87, expressing, “I realize it’s the name of the gig, but did they have to use that song? I couldn’t even enjoy Judy’s dancing because I was laughing and crying.”

IGR777 echoed a similar sentiment, stating, “Nice name. Totally didn’t bring back depressing memories.” Another player, Lord9witdafye, humorously added, “I have no reason to leave my apartment anymore. Done with all that merc stuff, choom, gonna elope with Panam.” Cyberpunk update 2.1 encompasses more than just these emotional nods, introducing highly anticipated features such as the metro system, new motorbike mechanics, and various other improvements. Notably, the update even pays homage to the internet-famous sad Keanu Reeves meme.

The release of the full patch notes preceded the update’s rollout on December 5, coinciding with the launch of the Ultimate Edition of Cyberpunk 2077. Serving as the final major update in the game’s tumultuous history, Update 2.1 reflects CD Projekt Red’s commitment to addressing player feedback and regaining the trust of its fanbase, a journey that began after the game’s initially rocky launch. It’s truly astounding to see how much the game has done to improve itself.