Chico and the Magic Orchards DX Is Out Now on Switch

Join Chico in His Adventure

The wait is finally over everyone! Daikon Games has launched its first commercial title, Chico and the Magic Orchards DX on Nintendo Switch today. The game is now available on the US, European, and Australian Nintendo eShop for $4.99. It is a retro-handheld-inspired puzzle platformer adventure game.

The story is about Chico, a chubby-cheeked chipmunk who gets transported into a magical world after stumbling into a portal. To his surprise, he finds giant walnuts there and wishes to take them home. So, he must solve different puzzles and fight challenging bosses on a variety of levels. And finally find a way back home to his forest.

Chico and the Magic Orchards DX

The game features a unique dual-mode gameplay where you can use the giant walnut for various purposes. When Chico is alone, he can jump over obstacles and push wall switches. However, when he has a walnut, he can roll it over spikes, bounce it off of walls and bumpers, and more.

The goal is to make sure the walnut reaches the end of the level with you. It won’t be an easy task because each world has new mechanics that will test your brain and skills. Not only that, there is even a post-game campaign, meaning, you can still embark on adventures even after its credits roll.

Chico and the Magic Orchards is designed to capture the essence of 8-bit handheld games. With its catchy chiptune music, simple controls, and pixel-grid filters, the game immerses you in the nostalgic experience of playing a “lost classic”. Choose between the fixed 4-color mode, and automatic palette mode featuring a unique 4-color palette for each area. Or the innovative Full-Color mode for a fresh gaming experience.