Cats On Duty Makes Their Felines Festive for the Holidays

Cat-Tastic Christmas

The most ferocious felines around are feeling awfully festive this holiday season. In fact, a whole new update is really bringing the cheer of the season to the battlefield. Today, ESDigital Games and Prikol Team are happy to announce the latest update for their upcoming tower defense match-3, Cats on Duty. The update, titled “Cat-Tastic Christmas”, is adding a whole host of changes to the free prologue of the game. For instance, players can look forward to UI changes and quality of life updates amongst a myriad of other content. A new update trailer gives players a glimpse of the game and the update itself. 

Cats on Duty

Cats on Duty invites players to a genre blending strategy experience. Combining elements of base defense, match 3, and RTS gameplay, in a unique approach to the strategy genre. Importantly, players take on the role of leader of the cat army looking to defend their home from invaders. Interestingly, players can build their very own army of cats with diverse roles. From assassin cats to sniper cats, shotgun cats, and even legendary heroes like Puss in Boots, players have a wide variety of soldiers and tools at their disposal to defend their base. 

Of course, the Cats on Duty Christmas update is adding changes to the UI to reflect the festive season. Additionally, enemy combatants will appear on the field with Santa hats on. Yet, don’t be fooled, these fiends are anything but jolly. Check out the new update trailer for a look at the Christmas time Cats. View the trailer below. 

Cats on Duty is releasing at a later date for PC. Currently, the demo is available on Steam right now.