Party Pirates – An Exciting Couch Co-op Party Game

Enjoy the Adventure in Party Pirates

Put on your eye patch and prepare the canons because things are about to get chaotic. Simplicity Games is proud to present Party Pirates, a couch co-op game for PC where you and your friends set out on a sea voyage. The developer will announce the release date soon, so stay tuned.

In Party Pirates, players will step inside the shoes of clumsy pirates venturing from port to port searching for treasures and fame. Along the way, they will face dangerous foes and sea monsters. Gather up to 4 fine crew members and make sure to do everything to keep the ship from sinking.

The game offers a variety of modes and challenges that are sure to last hours with engaging fun. It ranges from puzzles to thrilling sword fights, making sure there is something for everyone.

Tomasz Dyrak, the CEO of Simplicity Games said, “Party Pirates is our vision of the ideal party game, where players can enjoy shared fun, competition, and strategy in a pirate world. We wanted to create a game that combines excitement and humor while being accessible to players of all ages.”

It will be a simple and intuitive game that is easy to master for everyone, and they key element is co-operation. It will be available in Polish and English versions, which will allow players from different regions to have fun together.

Key Features:
– Couch co-op game in a pirate world
– For up to 4 players simultaneously
– Various gameplay modes and challenges
– Simple and accessible gameplay
– Available in Polish and English language versions.