Witchtastic Gets Brewing On Switch Today

Couch Co-Op Casting 

Bubble, bubble, toil and trouble. It’s time to gather your coven and prepare for some potion-brewing, and spell-casting fun. Ensure you finish the potions in a timely manner. You and your friends are in some less-than-hospitable areas after all. Today, Red Fur Games is happy to announce the release of their couch co-op time management game, Witchtastic, to the Nintendo Switch. Inviting players to a restaurant-esque potion brewing experience, the game allows players to work together in hectic time-based matches. Importantly, getting the ingredients right is key to a great time. A new launch trailer gives players a glimpse of this witchy new adventure. 


Witchtastic invites players to a whole witchy world to explore. During this exploration up to four players will be tasked with brewing potions as they train to become master witches. Of course, the game plays similarly to titles like Overcooked or Plateup. However, it is distinct and unique, allowing players to adventure across a fantasy world, brew dozens of interesting recipes, and even fly on their magic broom. Players will journey across villages, haunted forests, deadly swamps, and more, as they hunt for the right ingredients. Importantly, the game requires players to move quickly, as they aim to set new high scores and ensure their ingredients don’t go to waste. 

Of course, players can get a look at Witchtastic in the new Switch launch trailer. Check out the trailer below. 

Witchtastic is out now on the Nintendo Switch. Additionally, the game is available on PC via Steam